Questions to Ask Before Giving Up on a Relationship


A relationship is a complex commitment to be in. It is normal to go through the ups and downs of dating. The first six months of dating is going to be incredible but after it, you have to face some ugly truths. The question is, are you willing to compromise or you should give up?

Is There a Third Party Involved?

If the excitement wears off, and you feel as if the fire has been put out, check if there is a third party involved. Most of the time, the changes in our partner’s behavior has something to do with a third party. Check Nederlandse datingwebsite and verify if there is a third party involved before coming to a decision. If it’s about you and your partner’s differences, probably it’s not a strong basis to end a relationship.

Did You Exert Efforts to Fix the Problem?

heartSometimes it’s easy to blame our partner. But playing the blame game will do no good in a relationship. Check if there is something you need to change. It’s much better if you and your partner communicate with an intention to solve your differences. Before letting go, see if there was a time when you both tried to work it out. It’s very important that you do this first prior to ending a relationship, so you won’t be asking the question, “what if?”.

Are You Willing to Accept His/Her Flaws?

In a relationship, it’s important to know what are the things you are willing to accept. If the flaws of your partner are something you can tolerate or accept, the answer is to stay in the relationship as long as your partner hasn’t given up. But if you think that you won’t be able to accept these flaws for as long as you live, it’s to let go.


It’s important that we understand that relationship is a package deal. A person will come into your life. He has personality, hobbies, traits, and flaws. We cannot expect them to change because of us. Love is a two-way street where both sides need to give.