About Us

Our Inspiration

At some point in our career life, we have asked ourselves what makes us do what we do. It took us back to basic points. We have realized that somehow, we forgot the inspirations and those reasons why we create online platforms designed to cultivate how we interact online. We noticed that people spent so much time online that they forgot to make good conversations. On the other hand, we also understand the business of life. So going back to what inspires us, we realized that we can use technology to bring people together. Our inspirations are to use our creativity to drive a positive change.

Changing Online Dating’s Reputation

Online dating has some negative reputation. Well, we won’t deny that there are some negative parts of participating in these kinds of sites. But just like the duality of men, it has some good things about it. Our site aims to change the negative views about online dating. We look closely on the security and integrity of our site. It may sound ironic, we push for a wholesome experience in online dating.

Integrating New Features

Chat forums are already common but we want to add webcam features. Our subscribers know people better by seeing live who they are chatting with. It’s going to be live cam with voice and chatting features. We added some cute features to make the whole experience fun and exciting.