Most frequent questions and answers

If you are chatting with an individual, she or he may send you a request to turn on your webcam. You may decline the request if you are not comfortable turning on your webcam. Using your webcam is optional. We don’t push anyone to do it.

On every session, the report button is always available. We do this for our users to conveniently report annoying experiences such as offensive chatmate. A pop-up box will appear and it will ask you to categorize the issue of your report. We highly appreciate if you include some remarks to help the investigation.

Your account will be temporarily suspended while we are conducting the investigation. Your account will be permanently suspended if you committed a major offence. If you would like to appeal the report, you may send us a message.

Our server will find online users who have the highest match points with you. You can also choose the gender and the age you prefer to chat with.

Our users can enjoy a free subscription. We don’t charge for a membership fee. Unlike with the other online sites we created before, we created this website to be a bridge for unity and socialization.

We are not just a dating site. We adopted both the concept of social media and chatroom sites like AOL. Here, you can find a date and also groups of friends.